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Subject: [Leica] Warranty & New vs. Used
From: "Frank Dernie" <>
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2001 07:34:54 +0100

Hi Austin,
here in the UK we have had a law since the 1970's (1972 I think) called the
"sale of goods - implied terms - act".
Basically a Retailer warrants that anything he sells is "fit for the purpose
for which it is sold". The retailer is responsible for satisfying his client
and is no longer able to fob him off with "I'll check with the manufacturer"
or such like. Many clients don't know this and several shops still try it
on. The favourable upshot of this is that unscrupulous vendors and
manufacturers are pretty well a thing of the past. It is, after all easier
for a retailer to monitor the reliability of goods and stop dealing with bad
suppliers - even with very profitable lines - if it is them that pays not
the customer.
Any dealer selling grey has to deal with warranty themselves.
I won't bore you with the details but it is fair. Caveat emptor was
frequently used as a means of theft before this (less so now).
Are many other countries like this?
cheers Frank

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> Austin Franklin wrote
> I believe, in the US, that law requires a manufacturer to honor the warranty
> you were given when you purchased the item, no matter what country you
> purchased it in, if the company has "presence" in the US.  In other words,
> Leica gives a one year "International Warranty" with something you, say, get
> from Hong Kong.  Leica here in the US has to honor that 1 year warranty.
> Leica US and Canada, from what I hear, will honor the one year International
> Warranty here, BUT will take FOREVER, like six months, to perform said
> repairs, intentionally.
> Please note the "I believe" and "I hear".  I do not know this first hand.
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