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Subject: Re: [Leica] A Red Dot story
From: "Edward Mortimer" <>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 19:57:16 -0000

Reminds me of a customer we had in the shop the other day. He was 
considering purchasing a Nikon F100 plus a couple of zoom's. Then he asked 
me what I would recommend buying with a 1500 budget. So I said that for the 
same money he could get a good used Leica and lens. But alas he wasn't 
having any of it, he turned his nose up at the thought of buying a purely 
manual camera.
He wanted something with auto everything, more modes than he could remember, 
auto focus-even though he still had the use of his hands, 3d matrix metering 
because it sounded good... I'm not really bitter, honest I've got nothing 
against auto-cameras, there essential for sports/press photography. Its just 
that it got me that he would probably never use most of the features to full 
effect. I could have sold him something that was simple, light,with pin 
sharp results and extremely effective at capturing our world. The leica is 
the obvious choice to me and I except that not everyone would feel the same. 
I just feel that today alot of people buy cameras because of what it can 
'do' instead of whether it might compliment their image making.

Regards Edd

PS The same customer came in to our store today and one of my colleagues 
asked him how he was getting on with the F100,
"Im still working it out" he said... Ho Hum

>PS - an F5 with an 80-400?  Not on your life.  I shot one roll with it, 
>went back into the house and grabbed the .85 with the 135, and spent the 
>rest of the afternoon happy.  That's not a camera, it's bodybuilding 

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