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Subject: Re: [Leica] A Red Dot story
From: Lucien <>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 10:37:25 +0200
References: <>

Edward Mortimer wrote:
> Reminds me of a customer we had in the shop the other day. He was
> considering purchasing a Nikon F100 plus a couple of zoom's. Then he asked
> me what I would recommend buying with a 1500 budget. So I said that for the
> same money he could get a good used Leica and lens. But alas he wasn't
> having any of it, he turned his nose up at the thought of buying a purely
> manual camera.
> He wanted something with auto everything, more modes than he could remember,
> auto focus-even though he still had the use of his hands, 3d matrix metering
> because it sounded good... I'm not really bitter, honest I've got nothing
> against auto-cameras, there essential for sports/press photography. Its just
> that it got me that he would probably never use most of the features to full
> effect. I could have sold him something that was simple, light,with pin
> sharp results and extremely effective at capturing our world. The leica is
> the obvious choice to me and I except that not everyone would feel the same.
> I just feel that today alot of people buy cameras because of what it can
> 'do' instead of whether it might compliment their image making.


How courageous you are.

I will never push anybody to buy a Leica M.

I really think people have to discover what it is by themselves.


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