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Subject: [Leica] Re: QC (sigh) again
From: "Sonny Carter" <>
Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 16:10:37 -0500
References: <>

> >>>
> While on very rare occasion a piece of equipment had to be
returned or
> repaired, there was never this level of frightening
quality problems from
> Leitz Wetzlar.
> <<<
> Douglas Herr:
> Not true.  My first Leicaflex SL, purchased new (old
stock) in 1980 had to
> be returned twice for service under warranty; my 400mm
f/6.8 Telyt (new,
> 1980) had loose screws in the filter slot cover and the
focus guide rods
> were sticky; likewise my 60mm Macro lens (new, 1981) had a
couple of loose
> screws.  Once these QC problems were fixed, the stuff
worked great.
> I've only purchased one other new piece of Leica photo
equipment, an R4s
> body that worked perfectly.
The only new Leica stuff I've bought was my present M6 in
1990.  It came with a film counter that wouldn't reset to

I did not find that "frightening."   I packed it up and sent
it to New Jersey on a Monday, and it was back, fixed on
Friday.  (No black tape involved; come to think of it, no
red tape either.)



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