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Subject: RE: [Leica] LUGgers using their cameras? Perish the thought!
From: "Zeissler, Mitch" <>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 09:19:42 -0400


I'm putting at least a roll a week through my M3; somewhat less for my
IIIf [the Noct doesn't fit on it, no matter how many times I use that
hammer!].  In both cases, the content is mostly work related at the
moment.  I would like to shoot more subject matter that is *not* work
related, but my work hours do not currently allow it.  However, *any*
Leica shooting is better than no shooting, and they are picking up the
film and processing costs.  Come the end of September and I'll rejoin
the living and be able to take shots of stuff I *really* like.

Do I have a web page for others to see and judge my work?  I did
briefly, until I discovered what I was posting was less than stellar
quality.  I have since decided that I need to learn how to scan and use
Photoshop properly before reposting my results.  I figure I'll be at the
level I want at by next spring, then I'll put up a new web page.

/Mitch Zeissler

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From: Jon Honeyball []
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2001 4:59 AM
Subject: RE: [Leica] RE: RE: Konica fiction


One wonders how many on the LUG actually use their cameras -- it would
be instructive to have a poll to ask how many put a double-digit number
of rolls of film through their camera per year. Ensuring it had honest
answers would be the hard thing, I fear.