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Subject: [Leica] Competitive opportunities in the Leica world
From: "Zeissler, Mitch" <>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 10:18:23 -0400


I second Dan's opinion on most of his observations with the Hexar, even
though I don't expect to ever purchase one.  Leica products are
exquisite and costly.  I love them and wish I could have all things
Leica.  But when I am interested in things Leica can't or won't offer, I
begin to look elsewhere, especially when like-levels of performance are
available for substantially less cost.

- -  Would I be interested in 1/4000th shutter speed?  You bet!  And I can
hardly wait to meet with Dan again just to see what we can do together
with my Noct and his Hexar.  But why stop with 1/4000?  Why not
1/12,000?  Why not even faster shutter speeds like some of the new
digitals have?

- -  Would I be interested in a 28mm/1.9?  Absolutely!  Especially when I
can put it on my M3 AND IIIf!  Even though I love the bokeh of my Noct
and would like to duplicate it's look with any new lens purchase, I am a
speed freak and my photo work mostly consists of low-light handheld
shots that are impossible with slower glass without using a tripod.

- -  Self timer?  Got one on the M3 and the IIIf; for later models one can
be had at extra cost.  I use mine on the occasional family snaps or
tripod shots and would not like being without it.  Would I buy a body
without it?  I'd have to think real hard.

- -  Flash synch?  For my personal work, I don't *ever* use flash and
don't own one.  But if I were doing pro work again, I'd want it to sync
as fast as is possible.

- -  Motor drive?  For personal work, I have no use for it.  As a pro, it
would be a godsend.

- -  AE and AEL?  Again, for personal work, I currently have no use for
it, but I probably would for some action shots if it were available.  As
a pro, it would be a godsend.

- -  Would I be interested in a digital body that was 6.6 megapixals [or
more], had the features listed above, AND allowed me to use my Leica
glass?  Yes, yes, YES!!!  And I would not care whom the vendor was or
what the price may be!  I would buy it as soon as I had the funds

My point is that there are competitive opportunities available in the
Leica world to develop products for and earn profits from.  Others see
those opportunities and are moving to get products into place that fill
them.  If Leica wants my business in these areas of opportunity, then
they should get products to market in a timely manner that address them.

My two cents worth.

/Mitch Zeissler

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From: Dan Honemann []
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Subject: RE: [Leica] Konica facts


Of course, if anyone mentions equipment failures with a Leica, they're
branded a whiner and ostracized for publishing it on this list.  If they
the same with a Konica, it's proof that Leica is the only brand worth