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Subject: [Leica] Re: A Leica ChallengeTO KICK B. D. ;-)
From: Jim Brick <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 08:12:36 -0700
References: <> <>

>"B. D. Colen" wrote:
>> You can see how you did - pretty poorly for someone with such strong
>> opinions about how given photographs should be taken and what would make
>> them better.
>> Now I know I it's bush of me to get annoyed at the kind of "constructive
>> criticism" you've so freely provided. And I know that when I post photos
>> I ask for feed back. So you are, of course, entitled to your opinions of
>> the photos. BUT - Given your admission of having very little
>> photographic experience, I'd suggest throwing away the books and the art
>> 101 course and getting out and spending 15 hours with a family, or 17
>> hours in a labor/delivery room, or attempting to take photos at a
>> funeral without outraging those whose loved one has died, and then look
>> at your photos and see if they are shot "correctly" by the standards you
>> set here.
>> B. D.

I usually do not respond to an individuals request for a critique. For the
very reason I posted the following and the ire that usually results from
honest critiques. See BD's response above.

Someone does NOT have to be a photographer in order to critique a
photograph, or series of photographs.

I'll bet that most of the photographs purchased (galleries, shows, street
fairs, etc.) are purchased by photography illiterate people. Photographers
think that they can make their own so why buy another photographer's work.

Each individual will either like or dislike a particular photograph. Based
solely upon that individual's likes and dislikes.

The pain and suffering of the photographer, in order to make the
photograph, is COMPLETELY irrelevant. Except, perhaps, to another
photographer over a pint.

Most photographers critique other peoples photographs from a photographer's
point of view. Wrong lens, too grainy, too flat, too contrasty. They never
look at other photographer's photographs, as a "photograph." They always
look at the process .

I have a good friend who has been selling fine art photography to the
public for 25 years (25th anniversary this year.)

Go have a look...

Every time I go over to his house, I look at his new photographs for
sharpness, which lens is used, which film, everything but the photograph
itself. Then I finally back up and switch out of the photographer mode, and
look at the photograph for it's real purpose. Would I buy it or not. His
clientele is the public at large.



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