Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/04/25

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Subject: [Leica] A Leica ChallengeTO KICK B. D. ;-)
From: Tom Finnegan <>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 13:14:41 -0700

Dr. Blacktape's alter ego wrote:
List the image name and the lens with which it was taken. Person who
gets the most correct answers gets a prize. Person who gets the most
incorrect answers gets humiliated. ;-)

This should be interesting, since you emphatically stated in the first post,
"And, YES, many of the images are Leica M images, and many are
Nikon images, and I have little idea, nor do I care, which are which...".

So, basically, we will be just wildly guessing along with you? And I assume
that all the shots were made handheld with available light, shot on Tri-x
exposed at 800asa, developed in the 1-hour lab down the street, somehow
scanned and photoshopped, and then shrunken down to a low-res jpeg image for
web display. I guess we can pretty much rule out a full Erwinian analysis
here then? ;-)

A couple additional caveats. I have never claimed to be able to pick out an
image at 100 yards in the
dark on a foggy night, let alone up close in good light. I have never used
any of the lenses listed so I only have a very vague idea of their
individual optical fingerprints. On my monitor here at work, most all the
pictures look lousy, with the highlights all blown out and the shadow areas
murky and without detail. Being a complete novice at digital imaging I can
only guess that there is something going on with differences in gamma or
other monitor settings. Of course, pretty much everybody elses pictures
display fine, so maybe my computer is just sensing the presence of N****
images and is altering them in order to protect my delicate eyes. ;-)

Also, all the comments are just the opinions of a young punk (relatively
speaking) engineer with very limited photographic experience, so feel free
to ignore or disregard any or all.

Arrival - 35/1.4
I would have preferred either a slightly wider view with more of the Mother
and the person holding the infant, or a closer shot of just the infant and

Mother - 20/2.8
The cut off foot bothers me a bit, I would have liked the frame shifted down

Juggling - 85/1.4
I might have liked a view slighly shifted to the left to get a bit of the
baby's face and put the mother against the light background

Take My Picture - 85/1.4
The hand sticking out of the kid's head ruins it for me

TV - 50/1.5
Shift slightly to the right, also the father looks to be blinking

Sisters - 75/1.4
take the shot from a tiny bit further back to get the tip of the chair back
and the one foot of the gal on the right

Secrets - 180/2.8
the tops of the glasses and straw (?) are distracting, maybe a shot from a
slightly higher perspective (stand on a chair) could clean it up a bit

Over Tired - 85/1.4
take one step to the right to eliminate the other young girls arm and the
dark object on the right(dresser?)

Reading - 28/1.4
I find the chopped off feet slightly annoying and I don't care for the yawn
, with the highlights blown out it looks like some kind of freaky porcelain

Nick and Opus - 21/2.8
I don't like the chopped off head, and I don't care for crotch shot
perspective, perhaps shot from a bit to the right or from a slightly higher

New Dad - 35/1.4
without the title I wouldn't have a clue as to what was in the bin, you need
to get in closer

Mars and Venus - 20/2.8
shift frame up a bit to get less empty table and more ceiling where the
light is now cut off, also maybe shift slighlty to the right or move a bit
to get more of the gal on the right, what is going on here?

Flower Girls - 60/2.8
shift frame up slightly to get top of door frame and tell the two yahoos in
the background to get out of the picture

Fairy Princess - 35/1.4
the bright out-of-focus object on the left is a bit ditracting

Center of Attention - 20/2.8
back up just a tad to get the baby's fingertips and feet as well as the
ladies head

Close - 60/2.8
This is probably my favorite, my only suggestion might be to play around
with toning down the bright spot between the boys

Chasing Rex - 28/1.4
hard to tell what the heck is going on here, the area around the kids and
dog(?) looks blotchy, was this dodged?

Big Brother - 28/1.4
shift frame up a bit to get all of the trike in the background and perhaps
just a fraction to the right, good action shot

Napping - 75/1.4
shift perspective a bit to the left to get some of the baby's eyes and face

Alicia - 75/1.4
shift perspective to a slightly higher viewpoint to eliminate some of the
oof blanket (?) in the foreground that is so annoying

After Dinner - 50/1.5
back up a half step and shift a bit to the left so that the lamp isn't
sticking out of the one gals head, and the gals foot on the right isn't
chopped off

Minus One - 21/2.8
without the title I'd be hard pressed to know what was happening, looks like
just a record shot of who was there, maybe shift frame slightly to the left
and back up half a step to get a bit of the ceiling in

Farewell - 35/1.4
again can't really tell what the heck is going on, you need to move to one
side or the other to get a better view of the casket, small boy (?) and
three women

Ok, so had I do?

Tom Finnegan