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Subject: [Leica] Mr. Tom's PAW's catchup
From: Tom Finnegan <>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 16:26:39 -0700

Doing a bit of catchup here. I was going to complain about how far behind in
editing and scanning I've fallen, but according to the 'Manley' scale I'm
actually completely caught up. Comments are welcome as always.

Week 12/2001 - This picture was taken at the top of Mt. Haeakala on Maui. A
family asked if I would take a picture of them, which I was glad to do. The
father hands me a little disposable camera, but I couldn't seem to get the
shutter to fire or for the film to advance. I handed the camera back to the
man to see if he could figure out what was wrong. The young girl then
immediately piped up that I could just take their picture with my camera. I
agreed with that excellent suggestion and took their picture while the
mother laughed nervously. The father eventually got the disposable camera
working and I took a couple pictures with it. I have no idea who the people
are or where they live, but I have their picture.

Week 13/2001 - Here my friend John gives some last minute race advice to
Todd in the starting area for the Couloir Extreme race at Blackcomb Mtn.
B.C. The weather was pretty lousy with wind, snow, low visibility and flat
light. I quickly shot off a roll with my M3 before I had to get ready for my
run, but in my hurried and slightly nervous state I slightly overexposed
most of the shots. There's a few more shots of the race in with the

Week 11/2000 - This was shot out on the Edmonds fishing Pier near my office
on one of my lunchtime walks. I kind of like the shot even if it is of
someones back. As soon as I took the picture the man turned around and
looked at me and then left. I guess even the sound of a IIIf shutter can be
too loud and disturbing at times.

Week 12/2000 - Another shot largely of peoples backs that I kinda like. This
was shot on the morning they imploded the Kingdome. Large crowds gathered at
various viewpoints to watch. Most everybody had their cameras fixed on the
dome hoping to get a picture of the implosion while I just wandered around
taking pictures of the people watching.

Week 13/2000 - Yet another picture of my daughter playing at the park, but I
kind of like it.

Week 14/2000 - Last years Couloir Extreme race with much better weather

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Tom Finnegan