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Subject: [Leica] Re: Ted's Book, Montreal, and the Big Apple
From: william lawlor <>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 15:35:54 -0700
References: <>

Sunday night I got back to San Francisco from the East. I realize I 
again took too much photo gear on a trip. When I packed the bag with 
M3, 35, 50, 90, a Rollei 35S and a GR1 I thought I was going light. 
After carrying it around for ten days I regretted my optimism. I shot 
Kodachrome 64 and 200, and some Fujichrome with the M3. I used the 
35/2 99%, only taking a few shots with the 50 just to force myself to 
be different. I never used the 90mm. I shot four rolls of TRI-X with 
the Rollei 35S and a roll of Reala with the GR1. I'm sure glad I 
didn't bring the 135 too.

In Montreal visiting my daughter I got to see Ted's book. I had him 
send it to her for Christmas. She is applying to medical school and 
it had the inspirational effect I hoped. Don't miss a chance to see 
his wonderful book. Thanks, Ted. Montreal was great for food, drink, 
and photography. I want to return in the Summer.

The Amtrak train  from Montreal to New York City was interesting for 
a Californian who hasn't ridden a train in the USA since childhood. I 
can compare Amtrak with India Rail and most of the trains of Europe. 
Amtrak was about as slow as an Indian train, food was inferior to any 
european train in my experience,but, the fare was inexpensive ($60 
for one, $30 for the second, and free for any other members of the 
family ).

I got to B&H in New York a half hour before they closed on Friday at 
2:00. It was the start of a religious observance. The store was a 
marvel of efficiency. I got ten rolls of K64 and 100 feet of new 
Delta 400. I never had time to see the Leica Gallery near Tamarkin.

I really need to think about what equipment I bring on trips. Maybe I 
should bring the M3/35mm  or just the Rollei 35 on my trip to Bali 
this summer. By the end of the week I was getting very comfortable 
with zone focusing by the position of the lens lever while walking 
the streets.

Bill Lawlor

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