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Subject: Re: [Leica] ODDS and ends
From: "Dante A. Stella" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 08:13:52 -0500
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The rain was falling hard on the town.  The man's wife said, "honey, let's
get out of town."
"No, God will protect me."
The puddles started getting bigger.  Soon they all touched.  His neighbor
said, "I'll give you a ride out."
"No, God will protect me."
Soon he was on the roof of his house and the water kept rising.  A man on a
boat came by and offered to rescue him.
"No, God will protect me."
He was at the very peak of the roof when a helicopter arrived.
"No, God will protect me."
And he drowned.

Later, he asked God, "why didn't you save me?"
God said, "what else did you need?  I gave you a wife to warn you, a
neighbor to give you a ride, a boat and a helicopter?"

I guess the point of this poorly-delivered joke is that you shouldn't hold
your breath waiting for Solms to send you the messianic M6E (which name
was, as far as I can tell, invented by Stephen Gandy).


Lucien wrote:

> Paul Chefurka wrote:
> > I can't understand why the RF isn't selling - it must be the lousy
> > engraving on the top plate.  As a camera design, I think it represents
> > a humiliating defeat for Leica.
> Paul,
> I think it's more the Leica users waiting for a M6E.
> Anyway, I will wait.
> Lucien

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