Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/03/31

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Subject: [Leica] Re: Scanner edge detail loss
From: Jim Hemenway <>
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 11:10:55 -0500
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Hi Nathan:

My older LS-20 doesn't have a slide adapter, it doesn't use one.  I
simply place a mounted slide directly into the scanner. As with you,
it's the strip film adapter which jams.

I don't have too much trouble with loosing details along the edges of
each slide even though when shooting I try to compose for the format. 
The difference may be in the cameras I use, in that my Nikon FAs show
only 93 percent of the image in the viewfinder giving me more edge
detail on the slide/negative than I can see in the viewfinder. I'm given
to understand that the Nikon F through F5 show all of the image in the
viewfinder. I haven't checked my SL for this yet, does anyone on this
list know if the Leica viewfinders display all of the image?


Nathan Wajsman wrote:
> Jim,
> I guess I was not making myself clear. The Nikon LS-2000 comes with two adapters: (1)
> the MA-20 slide mount adapter and (2) the SA-20 strip film adapter. When using the
> strip film adapter, you just slide the end of the film strip (up to 6 negatives) into
> the opening and the adapter just sucks the film in. You can then view the thumbnails
> and select which ones to preview and scan. Sounds good, except that I find that with
> most of the films I use it jams. It works fine with C41 films but I use mainly B&W and
> for some reason it does not like them.
> The other way to scan film is using the slide mount adapter and the FH-2 film holder.
> You put the strip into the film holder, align with the openings, and slide it into the
> MA-20. This is fail-safe but a bit fiddly, but due to the above problem this is the
> method I always use for scanning negatives. The FH-2, like a slide mount, robs you of a
> little bit of the image along the edges. Actually it is slightly better in this respect
> than a slide mount because you only lose areas along the top and bottom of the frame,
> not the sides, whereas with a slide mount the loss is all the way around.
> Nathan

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