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Subject: [Leica] 1st wedding shoot - critique please
From: Hoyen Tsang <>
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 05:08:53 -0500 (EST)

Well, I did it... against the advice of many... even against my own better judgment... I shot my first wedding on March 10, 2001.  Actually it's not as bad as it sounds... the couple had an official formals photog, I was just in charge of the pseudo-photojournalistic details... :)

Anyway, I finally got the negs back and have scanned the album candidates onto the web.  The problem is, I've never done any of this before so I'd like brainpick the LUG before I present the album to the couple.

On the logistical details:  I shot a total of 180 frames, spread out over 4 rolls of Delta 400, 2 of Delta 100, and 1 of good ol' Tri-X, all rated nominally, all processed commercially at A&I in Los Angeles.  Technical:  I used two naked R6.2 bodies (naked as in no steenkin' motorwinders); one with 50/2, and the other changing between 24/2.8 and 80-200/4.  Equipment-wise everything went without so much as a hiccup.  Some might remember a while back when I was in an uproar over my first R6.2 whose reflex mirror fell off its hinges during its maiden roll of film.  Since the speedy repair by Leica USA under Passport and about 300 rolls later, I now have 100% confidence in this camera (enough confidence to take out a third mortgage on another R6.2 from Rich Pinto recently).  But I sorta digress...

I've pared down the latest edit to 56 frames, but I would really like to get it as close to 40 as I can.  I've also arranged the shots in the order that I will present them in the album.  Here is how to access:

2) My email address ( in upper right hand field
3) Enter password: lugnut (don't laugh, and it's case sensitive)
4) Click "Open in Album Viewer".

What I've learned so far:

1) The 50/2-R is a fine, fine, FINE (did I mention fine?) lens.  It's a bit slow for me at times, but despite the excellent prices on the current grey 50/1.4-ROM, I can't seem to let this baby go.  Sorry Joseph!
2) It is a bit difficult to handle 2 manual cameras at once (as in pre-setting both of them for changing ambient conditions) AND change lenses.  More than once I wished I were an octopus.  If I ever do this seriously I may get a couple of EOS bodies to handle the wide angle and telephoto, set to full auto (I can hear the yells of "HERETIC!!" and the footsteps of the approaching stoning mob already), while my primary camera stays R6.2 (ok?).
3) Flatbed scanners suck.  These photographs were scanned directly from the negative on an HP Scanjet 5370Cse with transparency adapter, so the web images are NOT representative of the neg quality.
4) I've got a serious flare problem with the 80-200/4 despite my non-use of a filter and religious use of the hood.  Not sure what to do about this one, especially when I REALLY want a shot at a certain angle despite of what direction the sun (or other light source) is coming from.

Disclaimer: In addition to the fact that I used a flatbed scanner to scan the negs, they were uploaded straight with no post-scan hocus pocus.

All right, go ahead, fire away, don't pull any punches (as if I really have to tell the LUG that).  I really want this album to be in top form when I present it next week, and am hoping you guys can give this booger-nosed greenie a hand.

Thanks in advance,

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