Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/03/25

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Subject: [Leica] Re: Leica Users digest V19 #244
From: "vic di sylvester" <>
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 04:45:11

>Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 09:49:09 +0100
>From: Pascal <>
>Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica digilux zoom 4.3
>Message-ID: <>
>On 24-03-2001 03:44, vic di sylvester wrote:
> > To my surprise, they confirmed
> >that the digiulx zoom 4.3 has been discontinued "due to production 
> >& budgeting reasons".  One can read into problems with "budgeting 
>This has nothing to do with Leica. The Fuji FinePix on which it was
>based, was discontinued by Fuji. That's how quickly things develop in the
>digital area right now... :-)
>Also, you may have noted that Leica only brings their Digilux series to
>market a while *after* the corresponding Fuji model has been available.
>Most probably Fuji wants to take market share before others can take it
>with their rebadged versions... And Leica is not in a position to do
>something about this since it has no relevant capabilities in that area
- --
I reacted to a direct e-mail response from Leica which stated that the 
digiulx 4.3, and I quote, "has been discontinued due to production capacity 
& budgeting reasons".  I think their response was very clear. I could not 
assume that production capacity & budgeting reasons would be anyone else 
decision but Leica's.
- --
> >The profit margins
> >will have difficulty supporting their marketing effort and operation
> >expense.
>Wait a minute, are you suggesting an increase in Leica product prices?
- ---------
I'am suggesting that it is necessary for Leica to increase sales which would 
be reflected on their bottom  profit line and that MAY be difficult if 
potential buyers read this list and see that Leica users are negative on the 
company for the reasons I stated in my previous e-mail. I don't believe they 
have much room for price increase for a camera system that is manual and 
pricey in todays photo market place. Therefore, they must sell more product 
and work on gross sales and not count on price increases which surely would 
limit their sales.  I believe this is why we saw the M6 and related lens 
selling at a discount.  Again, to increase sales in a soft market.
- ----------

> > I for one like to see Leica be able survive without losing
> >control through a corporate take over that would have less regard for the
> >quality of their product as for the profit margin. Then we would all be
> >losers.
>Fully agree with you here.
> >Maybe we should be more sensitive to the the profit margins which
> >prohibit all we expect from this small operation.  Otherwise, as we turn 
> >potential customers, we face the prospects of a smaller company selling 
> >servicing fewer products.  Or a company that will end up in the history 
>It is still unclear to me what you intend to really say here. Do you
>imply that Leica prices should be increased  (over their already top
>level) ?
>Is that how one wants to capture market share and increase a customer
>base ?

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