Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/03/24

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Subject: [Leica] Leica digilux zoom 4.3
From: "vic di sylvester" <>
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 03:44:45

I was interested in getting some information on the recently introduced 
Leica digilux zoom 4.3 which replaced their previous model.  While reading 
about the camera on the Leica site it was noted that this camera has been 
discontinued.  I, of course, thought they were referring to the previous 
model but e-mail leica for clarification.  To my surprise, they confirmed 
that the digiulx zoom 4.3 has been discontinued "due to production capacity 
& budgeting reasons".  One can read into problems with "budgeting reasons".  
This did not have a good feel, as I was about to purchase this camera.  I 
know that is a remake of a Fuji degital, but I still preferred the Leica as 
I have quite of bit of Leica equipment and wanted to have a digital for some 
quick e-mail stuff to friends.

I have, over time on this list, seen Leica take constant hits. Fine-thats 
what free opinions are all about, but anyone thinking of purchasing a Leica 
for the first time, and reading this list,  would have to have serious 
misgivings on Leica's pricing and after sale service from many users 
comments.  Also, the quality comparisons with some prior models to the 
current M6.

In today's global economy and with the fierce competition, a company like 
Leica will have a difficult time surviving with its current product line and 
production, in relation to sales price on their items.  The profit margins 
will have difficulty supporting their marketing effort and operation 
expense.  I for one like to see Leica be able survive without lossing 
control through a corporate take over that would have less regard for the 
quality of their product as for the profit margin. Then we would all be 
losers.  Maybe we should be more sensitive to the the profit margins which 
prohibit all we expect from this small operation.  Otherwise, as we turn off 
potential customers, we face the prospects of a smaller company selling and 
servicing fewer products.  Or a company that we end up in the history books.

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