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Subject: Re: [Leica] Military Photographers (was: New M6)
From: "Tom Schofield" <>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 11:01:33 -0800
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The army photogs in one show were using, I believe, Nikon digital cameras
with the bigger zoom lenses.  The had a Seal-phone type of set up with a
folding umbrella satellite dish to send the images back.  I would assume an
army photog in uniform would get shot at the same whether he was carrying an
M16 or a Nikon.  It was another TV show, which featured lay
photojournalists, not army photogs, that commented that journalists in past
wars were given some degree of recognition as being non-combatants, but that
those days were gone, and now whether they are targets or not depends on how
the combatant likes the press they have been getting.  Tina is a good
example -- she stated that in Iraq she was given a degree of freedom to
photograph the war's effect on children, since that was consistent with the
government's interests.

Tom S.

> I think the days of an army respecting a field photographer has long
> been over, as they are seen more and more as an extension of the total
> war. In the past decade field photographers have been dying at the rate
> of sometimes over 50 a year. More often than not by being shot in the
> My studio, by the way, is in Fort MacArthur, Upper Reservation. The
> building I'm in used to be the photography intelligence section. The
> last usage, while it was still operational, was in reviewing the visual
> intelligence during the Viet Nam action.
> Slobodan Dimitrov

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