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Subject: Re: [Leica] Voigtländer VC Meter
From: Vick Ko <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 20:44:44 -0500
References: <001801c0b1a7$48cfb300$>

Do you mind describing how to take the reading?

Do you frame and push a button that then "remembers" the reading,
so that when you take the camera away from your eye, you can
figure out the f-stop/shutter combination?  This is the "MR" method.

Or do you have to try to point the camera to the subject,
and find the f-stop/shutter combination by balancing the


David Kieltyka wrote:

> Rolf Katzenstein <> wrote:
> > I bought a VC meter from B&H a few days ago. I think that
> > it is quite convenient, accurate, and is easy on camera
> > surfaces. It brings a new convenience to meterless Leicas
> > and it doesn't look bad on my IIIg.
> I bought one for my M2 when they first came on the market, then quickly
> bought two more for other meterless cameras. I've since added a fourth for
> my recently acquired M3. They're unobtrusive, easy to use, work great and
> look good. I even wear one around my neck when I go out with my Rolleiflex.
> :-) It's been over a year since I last used a hand-held meter.
> -Dave-

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