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Subject: Re: [Leica] M3 with 50 1.0 Noctilux
From: "Stanislaw B.A. Stawowy" <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 11:12:08 +0100
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> Look Stanislaw, don't be such an expert on things you don't own.

I already said tyhat I am not and answered just because no 
Noctilux user steepped down from their glory and took a 
slightest effort to answer Austin. So shame on you, not me...

> I,  do own a Noctilux
> and have to say, there is so much uninformed talk about the
> shallow depth of field of this superb lens.
> Firstly, like any other lens, it is not always used at its full
> aperture.

So you say that Noctilux don't have shallow DOF wide open? 
I don't understand you here - we are talking about it wide open...

> the exception. Most of the time, when I specially go out with
> the Noctilux, I seldom go larger than f2.  Even so, the depth of
> field at a close distance at f2 for example, (the largest
> opening of a Summicron) is small too, nobody ever seems to
> complain, that their Summicron is hard to focus.

I will repeat again (and again, till you understand or I die):
You can use and focus Noctilux accurately on nearly any M.
Issue is: do M3 focus it better than M6. I think so, but 
I am not sure as I don't have a way to test it :)...

Rest of your letter is off topic, unfortunately :-(

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