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Subject: Re: [Leica] M3 with 50 1.0 Noctilux
From: "Stanislaw B.A. Stawowy" <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 11:20:53 +0100
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> I am curious about your favoring the 50mm Summar.  I have one that I used
> for a couple of rolls of film and found the results of candid pictures at a
> family gathering to be soft.
> Should I be using it to obtain soft pictures?

Now I have a right to respond. Can I, Horst? :)

Summar has some problems with softness, but also with vignetting 
at wide apertures. About f/2.8 it has a beautiful rendition
of out-of-focus details and wonderful, not unsharp but soft,
image of things in-focus. For me, even prettier are results
from Summitar wide open, you can look at my Portraits
to see how it performs wide open (f/2). 

Summar is nice at f/8, but Summitar at f/5.6 is even better.
According to some, is sharper than first generation Summicrons
(no flame war here), does not vignette (thanks to big
front element) and is the nicest lens in my stable :)
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