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Subject: Re: [Leica] Leicaflex SL Explanation
From: "Jason Hall" <>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 13:01:35 -0000
References: <> <000a01c0b06a$ad26d880$141036cb@oakhill>

> Excuse my naivete but I do not understand what Dick Gilcreast means
when he
> comments in Volume 28 No 2 1995 on the SL that "the central
microprism is
> cut for the relatively large lens speed of f2.8 ...and is therefore
> relatively more accurate shooting at f2". He also says that the best
> to use with the SL screen are f2, f2.8, f3.4 and f3.5 lenses.

He means that the central miscroprism partially blacks out past f4 and
the surrounding ground glass has to be used for focusing, between f2.8
and f4 it is less effective than at f2 unless you are focussing on a
bright subject.

> He makes similar comments about the outer prisms being "cut for
about f5.6".

Im not sure what he means by this, my SL appears to be plain ground
glass outside the central microprism and is usable stopped down past
5.6 although it does become more difficult to focus.  I believe there
is more than one type focus screen installed in the SL though and I
only have one example, I also dont have any lenses slower than 2.8, I
was testing by stopping a 50 Summicron down with the DOF preview.

Maybe Doug can comment further, I've been thinking of adding a slow
Telyt to my kit and hadnt considered the screen until reading your
comment above.

Jason Hall

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