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Subject: [Leica] Re: Are UV filters "safety glasses" for the lens?
From: Jim Brick <>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 08:18:38 -0800
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At 10:07 AM 2/28/01 +0200, Christer Almqvist wrote:
>It seems most contributors are either strictly for or strictly 
>against "safety glass" filters. I am certainly bi on this question 
>and keep a filter on my lenses so that they are protected when I have 
>them in my jacket pocket, just in case the odd coin or some other 
>sharp item has found its way into the pocket. But if I do a long 
>series of shots, say a portraiture session, where I do not need them, 
>I simply unscrew them. Best of two worlds. But I would like the 
>filters to be real "instant off" and "instant on",  which screw on 
>filter aren't
>Christer Almqvist


I have a "real" honest filter question.

It seems that you are using a filter as a lens cap. To keep stuff in your
pocket from touching the lens. Then you say if you are doing photographs
that "do not need them," you take them off. Which leads me to believe that
for "other" photographs, you leave the filters on.

Is this correct?

If so, how do you keep the stuff in your pocket from "dinging" and
"dirtying" up the filter, through which, you then photograph? And again, if
my assumption is correct, why not just use a lens cap? Take the lens out of
your pocket, pop off the lens cap ("instant off" and "instant on",) apply
pristine, clean, good filters as needed, and photograph.

It is my belief that after a coated optical surface has been "possibly"
subjected to coins or sharp objects, dirt, etc, it will not be the best
thing to photograph through.

I personally find that by keeping my filters, some in the individual
plastic cases that they came in, others in a filter wallet which folds up
and Velcros closed, they stay clean and undamaged.

I use a L-O-T of filters. And if I'm going to put them over my wonderful,
expensive, Leica lenses, they have to be in "perfect" condition. Obviously,
as my previous posts revealed, in situations that have no possibility of
flare and where the filter will enhance the photograph. Polarizers,
warming, ND, split ND, color grad (cheating... I know!), etc.

I just think that any filter that you put over your lens, should be treated
equally as you would treat your lens. If you protect your lenses, you
should also protect your filters. Filters in cases, lens caps on lenses.
Both lenses and filters exquisitely clean while being used.



These are simply my personal observations and preferences. No attempt has
been made to emphatically state that this is either the correct way, or the
only way, to effect the end.

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