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Subject: [Leica] Price of an M3?
From: "Juan J. Buhler" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 01:55:04 -0800 (PST)

Hello list,

	I'm new here, just suscribed. Don't own a Leica yet, but I'm
looking into it.

	I have a friend with a stuck M3. He wants to sell it, and I'm
considering making him an offer. I would like to know what a fair
price for the following is:

M3, sn 1111xxx.  
- - The shutter and rewind crank are stuck. I presume this will be a
routine repair.
- - The top plate has many rub marks, but nothing ugly. Same for the
bottom plate, plus a social security number, engraved clumsily.
- - The black whateveritis stuff is in good condition in the body,
except for tiny cracks on one side, next to the bottom plate. It is
totally gone from the back door though, like someone peeled it off
- - The "L" in the mount is gone (I see a screw)
- - There's a slight dent to the left (from the front) of the
rangefinder patch window.
- - Finder is bright enough, rangefinder seems fine, except for some
kind of speck crossing 1/2 of the rectangular patch.
- - The interior looks clean, the first? curtain seems OK (cannot see
the other completely). The spool is there.

Summicron 5cm 1:2, collapsible, M mount. The coating on the front
element seems damaged, like someone used to clean it with a page from
a Canon user manual :-)  This hasn't shown on the pictures I took with
this lens and another, borrowed M3. I know flare control would be a
problem with it, but I have my Pentax SMC lenses when I want to shoot
into the sun...

Summaron 3.5cm 1:3.5, screw mount. Glass clean, normal usage marks on
the metal. The metal hood is there. No M adaptor. Pictures I took with
this lens on a Zorki are fine.

Hektor 135mm 4.5, screw mount. Glass clean, normal use marks, no
adaptor. Won't mount of the Zorki, (because of the camera,) so I
couldn't test it. I know this lens can be gotten for ~$100 in user
condition, though.

There's a dark brown Leica case for the M3, which looks rather
good. There's also a Leica meter, that doesn't work and had old,
leaking batteries inside.

All advise is welcome. I'd like to come up to a number that would be
fair for me and my friend.

Thanks for reading this,


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 Juan J. Buhler | FX Animator @ PDI |
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