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Subject: Re: [Leica] Price of an M3?
From: "Juan J. Buhler" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 11:49:20 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, Martin Howard wrote:

> Oh dear, we learnt nothing from our previous question? ;) ;)

Many things. Most of which I didn't want to know :-)

> The black stuff (usually called "vulcanite") is often chipped around the

Vulcanite. Yes. It was late at night, and my non-English speaking past
kicked in. I can live without it on the back door, and the chips
elsewhere are negligible.

> Difficult to say what the "bright streak" in the rangefinder patch is.  If
> it's separation or desilvering it's gonna be expensive to repair.  Can you
> give a better description of it?

Is not a bright streak, but some kind of particle (or desilvering)
that seems to be on the mirror. Doesn't bothering focusing too much,

> As for the lenses, you want to check them for fungus or haze.  Get a small
> flashlight and shine through the lens.  You're definately going to see stuff
> in there, but as long as you don't see anything organic, or a milky-white,
> uniform haze, you should be OK.  [Eh, brainfart -- I just check your message
> again and you say you've made test shots with them.  Forget what I just
> wrote!]  Both the 'cron and the 35 summaron are nice lenses: Which Summaron
> is it, the E39 mount or the earlier A36?

No fungus, just the damage on the coating. I don't know how to
identify the two mounts you mention, I'll check in the web, but the
lens mounted on a 39mm Zorki mount, and focusing was accurate (I get
the feeling that the A36 is also 39mm?). The lens is coated,
s/n 1018xxx, FWIW.

> As for reasonable prices, get a copy of Shutterbug and browse the
> ads in the back.  Make an estimate of the condition of the lenses
> and see what comparable stuff goes for and use that as a basis for
> making an offer.

OK, thanks very much for your help. I'm trying to convince myself that
I have to go with this plus a M4-2 a local shop has for $850. Don't
you guys have a "Gear Purchase Enabling Service" as the people in the
Pentax list have? Those guys are great in making up your mind towards
the accumulation of cameras and lenses.


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