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Subject: Re: [Leica] PAY - Barflies in Amsterdam
From: "Ted Grant" <>
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 06:57:56 -0800
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Tim Spragens wrote:
>>>> Ted, give it your worst!<<<<<<

Hi Tim,
Tough hanging one on a guy who's  produced solid Noctilux images!

However! Yeah right, here we go! ;-)

Pic 1: Kyle:
It works OK, as it illustrates the Noctilux magic of wide open or near so.
And the slight movement blur of the hand adds an element of life to it.

Pic: 1 Girl.
This once again illustrates the beauty of the Noctilux with the completely
blown out background separating the subject cleanly.

As far as focus in this situation and shallow depth of field I always say,
"Focus on the eye nearest the camera."   Obviously it can't be done here,
but where you did focus you retained the sharpness of the far eye and the
highlighted bridge of the nose. Smack dab on the right spot! Good one.

Pic: 2:
Beauty! Absolutely my kind of picture!  hands / action / focus point spot on
/ sharp and interesting without the subject being aware the shot being
taken.  It illustrates one of the great things about a Leica, one can be
three feet away from a subject and take their picture without them knowing
it.... "When the subjects mind is in action about something else other than,
"that damn photographer with his camera!~"

Pcs: 3 & 4:
Compared to the others? All these two do is pull down the overall excellence
of  all the pictures and the image you are presenting of your ability as a

3 & 4 just sit there and do nothing other than illustrate "I know how to
expose film and focus my camera!"  Where as 1 & 2 are right on the mark!

Ask yourself this simple question when you're comparing or editing your
pictures.  " Is this picture one of my 10 best?"

Now look at 3 & 4... Are they within the ten best? Surely not! However,
using the same question on 1 & 2... I imagine they fit into that category
quite nicely.

If you ask the question and can't answer without a doubt "yes this is one of
my ten best!" Then the shot is out.

Like this, "If in doubt, it's out!"

One must always be a tough hard nosed editor without any emotional
attachments when you are putting a number of images up as you've done here.
A couple of so-so's will destroy all the solid ones or certainly take the
edge off.

If I were editing these I'd move Kyle to spot 2 and Alternate 2 as my choice
of PAW 5-6 whatever. Simply because there is far more to alt. 2 for
capturing an action  moment with nice lighting and better overall sharpness
of subject. It's slightly looser in composition therefor more on site story

 However, I bet you had some "liquid attachment" regarding the selection of
Kyle and the visit, well Ok for whatever you can remember from the evening!

So there you go me old son, my very best and worst! ;-)

Ted Grant Photography Limited
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From: "Tim Spragens" <>
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Sent: Friday, February 09, 2001 1:51 PM
Subject: [Leica] PAY - Barflies in Amsterdam

> Well, I've missed PAD, PAW and even PAM, but I hope to get
> more up than one a year, and these aren't even from this year.
> These are Noctilux photos, recorded on TMax 3200 at 1000.
> Similarity to anyone you may know is strictly intentional:
> Ted, give it your worst!
> Tim S.

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