Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/02/10

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Subject: Re: [Leica] PAY - Barflies in Amsterdam
From: "Tim Spragens" <>
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 10:15:19 +0100

Thanks Wilber,

I haven't had the facilities to make silver prints in some years; the 
"printing" is all digital - film scanned with the Artix 4000t, spotted 
and corrected in Photoshop.

Now, my recallection of this particular evening is not entirely clear - 
it was in mid-December when Kyle was over on holiday. We spent 
remains of the afternoon on his housboat deck drinking beer and 
waiting for Linda to return from shopping. In the early evening we 
moved on to Sander's and wine
to a restaurant and more wine, to the bar for a nightcap.

What I think I did was shoot wide open, meter the region through 
the camera, and wait...

Kyle had his Coolpix along in the bar, but I don't see anything on 
his site as a cross-reference for the evening. He may post 
something in revenge...

The images referenced above are from Kyle's Europe essay:

I'm happy for any criticism, I find the comments made about others' 
work instructive as well, so use the opportunity for mutual benefit.

On 9 Feb 2001, at 17:35, Wilber Jeffcoat wrote:

> Tim: I want to commend your printing. Excellent tones and wonderful
> range. You've captured your subject very well and the faces are
> wonderfully open (you can see their eyes). You seem to have mastered
> this lens. let me ask if your shooting wide open or if you remember
> the F stop and did you use your camera meter or hand meter or do you
> just know the combination well enough to use Kentucky Windage? Very
> nice images. Will comment ( if that's ok with you) on composition when
> I get back in from PMA Cheers Wilber
> >