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Subject: Re: [Leica] the proper way to photograph a birth....
From: "Sandy Carter" <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 10:26:33 -0800
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IMHO you have this exactly right, Kyle!
unless you have someone else shooting the event who knows what they're doing
(i.e., staying out of the way and being considerate of all involved, etc.) I
think Kyle's recommendation is right on! I photographed a birth last year -
it was a wonderful experience, but I can't imagine a father-to-be acting as
the photographer - he's the one who's supposed to be comforting his wife and
experiencing his child's birth....

From: Kyle Cassidy <>
Subject: [Leica] the proper way to photograph a birth....

> dad stands by his woman through the delivery, baby is born, everyone is
> overjoyed, doctor takes the little bug away and cleans it off, wrapps it
> in a blanket, hands it to mom. dad hands his leica digilux to a delivery
> room nurse who snapps a photo of mom, dad, and baby. dad hands off the
> digilux to the brother-in-law who (after stopping at taco bell, k-mart,
> the bowling alley and the local pub) goes home and uploads it to the web
> page and sends out the birth announcement. two days later, mom sits in her
> rocking chair by the big bay window (after dad has cleaned up the stack of
> magazines, dishes and power tools lying on the windowseat) waits for the
> gorgeous afternoon light to come in. he sets up his iiic (cause after all,
> you might as well use this one when you don't have a moving subject) on
> his bogen 2001, meters with a good old gossen luna pro (then meters again
> with a sekonic digital just to be sure, frowns and writes down in his
> notebook to send the luna pro back to gossen to have it calibrated) puts
> some 50mm lens on there, and shoots baby's first portrait (at least two
> rolls, i'd recommend three) on plus-x or some sub 50asa film you all love
> to use, then get out the M6 and do the whole thing over again on velvia.
> then process tenderly, scan lovingly, and upload to your web page, send an
> announcement out to the usual crowd and get on with your life.
> kc

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