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Subject: Re: [Leica] RE: Cosina still at it
From: "William Larsen" <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 14:55:23 -0800
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Guy Bennett asks:

> Bill,
> I'm curious about your last statement - if the Bessa R
feels "cheap and
> flimsy" why do you prefer it over the M? In the preceding
paragraph, you
> mention that the rangefinder of the Bessa R is superior to
that of the M.
> Would you elaborate on that and let us know why the M is
playing second
> fiddle to the Bessa R, in your case.

Guy, I have given this a lot of thought.  I think that it is
because I have carried and used M-Leicas since 1966 and 35mm
cameras that do not load from the bottom but rather use a
hinged back feel flimsy to me.  Also, I am use to metal
camera backs.  The Cosina is using a carbonate plastic (I
think).  As I think about it, that makes sense if you have
to have a hinged back.

As to the rangefinder, it has not flared on me in situations
that the M6 would have.  The rangefinder is accurate.  The
metering system is very similar to the M6 (coverage is
slightly different but in real use does not make any
apparent difference).  The only thing (other than screw
mounts) I had to get used to was the location of the shutter
I carry a camera with me all of the time which shares space
in a soft-sided brief case with cd-roms, files, and whatever
I need for the office.  For whatever reason (probably
value), I don't feel comfortable carrying an M camera in my
brief case or stuck in my jacket pocket.

I should also add that I am a sick Leica person with an M3,
M6hm, R6, R7 and assorted lenses, a Viso system and an old
Focomat.  I am impervious to flames.

Regards, Bill Larsen
from California's Heartland

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