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Subject: Re: [Leica] How radioactive are Leitz lenses?
From: Ted <>
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 06:07:05 -0800
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Javier Perez wrote:

> Howdy
> >>>>>Does anybody know how radioactive Leitz lenses are?
> Are they more or less hot than Japanese or Eastern European lenses?
> Were there any standards for this? I would assume that the less safety oriented
> east block lenses are hotter but I'm not sure. Finally, are there any commercial
> production lenses past or present out there that might be too hot to handle!<<<<<<

Hi Javier,
Gee I never thought about that aspect of lenses before, "hot glass" so's to speak.
But now you brought it up I've finally realized what that strange soft green
throbbing light is that comes from the camera bag each time I've opened it.

There is also a humming sound that begins. The first time I opened it near the cat
all it's hair stood up on end and it began yowling right along with the humming.

It seems when I'm shooting with the Noctilux in a "semi darkened room" I can see the
bones in my hands something like a fluoroscope image. I suppose that's what causes
the "ghosting effect" I get on the negatives at times.  Like when I do too long an

Do you suppose that's the reason why I'm getting older in physical being , I'm 29 at
heart but the body is going all to hell? Maybe I should shed the Leica's for safer
and less harmful glass. Toy cameras maybe?

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