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Subject: RE: [Leica] Summarit take apart?
From: Buzz Hausner <>
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 07:51:19 -0400

Well, Jonathan, I can't argue with that!  I confess, the only thing I will
readilly take apart and put back together is a book, but I studied
bookbinding with real bookbinders for a lot of years to learn how to do it.
My hat is off to the adventurous among us who will take the risk of
stripping down anything from Leica with the potential to contribute to one's
development as a photographer.

Any time a lens or camera body of mine needs to have its innards examined, I
will have it done by Sherry, Don, or even Walt, although I will fight to the
death to deny my buddy Walt the right to vote.


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Subject: RE: [Leica] Summarit take apart?

Buzz wrote:

 I still remain baffled as to why one would
risk damaging a more or less expensive lens by taking it apart when there
are many fine people who are trained to do this for us at a relatively
modest cost (relative to the replacement of a lens).  

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Part of it is a wierd compulsion thing.  I change the oil and sparkplugs on
my cars, not because I save a lot of money, but because it's fun for me.
I've always loved to see how things are put together and if you are so
inclined, it's quite a pleasurable way to spend some time.  It beats the
hell out of watching tv.

The other thing is that if you can fix things, you can get Leica glass real
cheap if it is fogged or has fungus.  My 50 Summar which was fogged when I
bought in was esssentailly thrown in free with my IIIA.  About 1 hour later,
it was sparkling and I got a chance to relube it.  Feels NICE!  My 35
Summicron was fogged and $300.  Again about an hour later, it was crystal
clear.  Sure I could have sent it to reinhold Mueller and still made some
cash, but it was more fun this way.

I am not about to take a camera apart though!

Jonathan Lee