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Subject: Re: photo technique = image quality? [Leica] Erwin, photographictechnique
From: "Bob Stack" <>
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 12:38:43 -0500
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Hi Martin and Guy:
I'd like to quibble a bit about this.  It seems to me that to create an
outstanding image requires both an extraordinary eye for the visual
statement and the technical craft to pull it off.  If I was blessed with
only one gift, I would choose having a good eye.  But I had better know
enough craft to set appropriate exposure, focus, depth of field, shutter
speed, etc. to create the impact that I want in the final image.  Otherwise,
my wonderful "eye" will appear blind to the ultimate viewer of the image.  A
painter friend of mine once commented on a water color: "a very nice idea,
just wish he could draw".
Bob Stack
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From: "Martin Howard" <>
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Subject: Re: photo technique = image quality? [Leica] Erwin,

> Guy Bennett jotted down the following:
> > not wishing to appear heretic to the technically-minded among us, i must
> > say that hard core 'zone system' photographs frequently fall into this
> > category for me. in terms of tonal richness, they can be outstanding,
> > they fail to impress me as images.
> Couldn't agree with you more.  Don't know how many technically fabulous,
> zone-system photographs I've seen in prints and magazines which have
> stunning tonal ranges and leave me absolutely stone cold.
> M.
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