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Subject: Re: [Leica] Still confused (was: 35, 90 and now 50mm?)
From: John Coan <>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 09:36:13 -0400
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My thought on the role of the 50mm lens has always been that in addition
to its perspective it is a way to get a fast aperture with relatively
light weight and low cost.  Thus, when I got a fifty I decided to go for
a used 1.4.  You can always leave it out of your kit for the day, but if
you are expecting to be needing the extra stop carry it with you.

Bego Mario Garde wrote:
> "Now I think about buying a 50mm lens. But which one?" was my question two
> weeks ago and in the meantime I received many answers from the Leica Users
> Group. Thank you very much!
> I'm living very close to Cologne and so it was easy for me to visit Leica at
> the Photokina. I talked to a very friendly person from Leica about his
> opinion and he actually just repeated, what I learned from your answers so
> far:
> The Summicorn is the best choice for a standard-user regarding sharpness,
> low distortion and it generally is fast enough. If I would be willing to pay
> double as much for an additional f-stop, I could go for the Summilux. As an
> Amateur I probably couldn't see any difference in the quality of both lenses
> anyway.
> I also took a look at the Elmar M, but I didn't like the handling too much.
> And combined with the lens hood it isn't really that much smaller then the
> Summicron.
> Well. Actually I thought, I made my decision. But while going back home by
> train I read an article in an old Leica Fotografie-issue that I bought at
> the Photokina: Somebody from the Leica Academy wrote, that one of the
> differences between M-Photography and using SLR-Cameras would be, that the
> classic Leica-M-User would limit his equipment as far as possible. A 35 mm-
> and a 90 mm-lens (which I both own already) would be more then enough.
> Now I'm still confused, but on a higher level. :-)
> What would you do? "Travel light" and just stick with the 35 and 90mm-lens,
> or buy the 50mm Summicron additionaly? What is your experience? Would the
> 50mm 'cron be a wise completion or just another heavyweight to carry around?
> Buying a lens can be pretty difficult. :-)
> Bego
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