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Subject: RE: [Leica] Beginner B&W Question - Indoor Available Light
From: "Henning J. Wulff" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 15:56:55 -0700
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At 4:56 PM +0800 9/20/00, Ken Lai wrote:
>Has anyone tried hooking up the Nikon or Polaroid film scanner to a
>USB-to-SCSI or Firewire-to-SCSI converter on a Mac. I have the Mac Cube and
>currently using the USB-to-SCSI converter to a Minolta Scan Dual but want to
>upgrade to either a Nikon LS2000 or Polaroid 4000. However on the Mac Cube,
>you don't have the SCSI port, PCMCIA slot or PCI slot so the only choices
>are USB or firewire.

Which USB-SCSI converter are you using?

I'm quite interested as my son recently got an iMacDV and have tried the
Firewire-to-SCSI converter from OrangeMicro. I hardly works. Hard drives
seem to be OK, but it's very flaky with a SCSI Zip drive, and doesn't work
with his LS-20 scanner. We've been in touch with OrangeMicro on a regular
basis, but so far no go. OrangeMicro seems to think they might get it
working some time in the future. Microtech's device seems to look
identical, so is probably the same piece of hardware. They say flat out
'no!' when asked whether their device works with scanners. I don't know of
any other devices.

We've contacted all the vendors of USB-SCSI devices, and the response as to
whether or not it would work with a film scanner has been either 'probably
not' or 'why don't you buy one of our devices, try it out and let us know;
you can always bring it back for a refund'.

So right now he's doing his scanning on an older Mac and transferring the

Seems we're on the cutting (bleeding heavily) edge here.

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