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Subject: Re: [Leica] M6 TTL questions
From: "Dances_with Leicas" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 14:08:18 GMT

>Quantum tells me
>that the TTL adaptor for the M6 TTL is the same one as for the R8, but
>they didn't seem very sure of this. The Leica site also seems to hint
>that when describing the SF-20 but if anybody has any direct experience
>of the functionality of an R8 compatible flash on the M6 TTL I'd love to
>hear it.

  It is the same, or very similar, and it works quite nicely.

>Obviously, I know that it won't set the synch speed, but I'd
>like to know about the TTL capability and viewfinder display.

  Actually, all of the gee-whiz-golly features that one expects with TTL 
flash are not there on the M. It can't set sync, and it even has no idea 
what the Fstop you have set --- Remember, it is an all manual camera!
You select the Fstop on the flash, say 5.6, put that on the lens, set the 
camera to sync or slower and everything looks wonderful. If you change your 
apature it will either under or over expose your flash.

As for viewfinder sisplay, there is a cute little lightning bolt  when the 
flash is charged.

yes, in operation it is not much different from a thyristor flash, but the 
results are incredible!

Jim Tiemann
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