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Subject: [Leica] Which Leica M6 should I buy?
From: "Dances_with Leicas" <>
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 14:40:40 GMT

>From: Tt@Tristan.NET
>I'm gravitating towards a Leica M6 (although my pocketbook isn't)

  That is usually the way it works... I will say, however, that it will not 
seem like that much money once you see the results.

>I want to buy a new (I guess that means it will be TTL-is that bad?)

Oh golly no! I love My TTL.

>black color body and I
>understand that there are at least 3 different models.

Well, only 2 right now. The .72 and the .85 (also known as the hi-mag)
The .58 is really only a rumor now, and is supposed to be anounced offically 

The .72 has framelines for  28,35,50,75,90,135
The .85 has framelines for  35,50,75,90,135

The .85's image is bigger (higher magnification) when you look through it, 
also making the rangefinder more accurate (as if it isint allready...)

>I do mostly
>wide angles stuff so I'm leaning towards the new .58, however I also
>do some portraits and landscapes so maybe the .72 is better for me?

  The .58 is not supposed to have more framelines and is really for eyeglass 

As for landscapes and portraits and stuff, Rangefinders don't work like 
SLR's. Trust me. You will see what i am talking about when you get one. If 
yo can afford it, buy a 35mm AND a 50mm. Just about all of the great Leica 
photos in the world were taken with those two lenghts. They work so well!

Anyway, buy one and get a lens and a TON of film. you will love it!


Jim Tiemann

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