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Subject: RE: [Leica] Re: My last word on RF
From: Thomas Kachadurian <>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 21:59:34 -0400
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Dan C.

No one is dissing leicas. I believe the attack was on the Hexar RF.

Those of us who use and prefer the Hexar RF do so because we can 
mount our Leica M lenses on it. Should we get off the list if we use 
a Metz flash? Leica does make a flash. How about a Bogen table top 
tripod? Leica makes one of those. Heliopan filters? Leica makes those 
too. What about putting a LTM lens on a Bessa? outsville for that too?

People who carry opinions with little true merit try to defend their 
positions by silencing the better supported opposing point. True 
Leica users don't need to do that. They know that Leica glass is 
second to none, and they take whatever steps the need to to use those 
lenses to make great photographs.


>Jim has made a valid point.  There's nothing wrong with a "free marketplace
>of ideas", but what does someone hope to accomplish by dissing Leicas on a
>Leica enthusiast mailing list?  Some people just look for fights and aren't
>really interested in "ideas".
>Dan C.
>At 08:46 PM 12-09-00 -0400, David Enzel wrote:
>>This sure can be a tough group.  What ever happened to being open to a free
>>marketplace of ideas?
>>Chevy Chase, Maryland
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>>[]On Behalf Of Jim Brick
>>Sent: Tuesday, September 12, 2000 8:35 PM
>>Subject: [Leica] Re: My last word on RF
>>After all, the charter of this list is "Leica." And if you don't find Leica
>>very much fun, perhaps you should find a list that is NOT a Leica list.
>>And, after all, pining eloquently about the virtues of the Hexar on a Leica
>>list is like raving about Fuji film on a Kodak list. Or about Toyotas on a
>>BMW list.
>>So, on the "match-needle metering and out of curiosity, which M camera were
>>you speaking about?
>>ps... an M camera with a RapidWinder is very stealthy, very fast, and very
>>left eye friendly. Just ask Ted, who only has a left eye, and has produced
>>one of the greatest B&W Leica coffee table books available today, and
>>shoots his M camera professionally, day in, day out, and is at this moment,
>>giving his famous Cape Cod Leica Workshop on left eyed M'manship.
>>At 06:34 PM 9/12/00 -0400, Dante Stella wrote:
>>>I didn't find the M-body experience too fun.  Underbody loading and
>>>match-needle metering don't really do it for me.  They take away from the
>>>fun of taking pictures.
>>>The Hexar attracts nothing but attacks.  They all center around "quality"
>>>and "precision" and whatnot.  I think the attacks are partly the proximity
>>>of the RF to Leica's signature body line, and partly due to resentment at
>>>Leica for not coming out with it first.  When it comes down to it, as long
>>>as full manual control is available, there is no rational argument to be
>>>made that the availability of automation is a menace or a burden or
>>>whatnot.  There is not much argument to be made that having a higher top
>>>shutter speed is irrelevant or an impediment, or that it is never
>>>necessary to synch at 1/125 of a second.  Many of these criticisms are
>>>best addressed as sour grapes.

Thomas Kachadurian
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