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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: The art of the blanket cake eating statement...
From: Thomas Kachadurian <>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 09:19:35 -0400
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Not to take sides here, but I'm no dillatante, and I never use the 
DOF preview on 35mm cameras. MY work relies heavily on using DOF 
properly. I make most of my photographs with Leica M cameras and 
Mamiya 6 cameras. I can look at a photograph and know where I need to 
place the focus and what f-stop to use the get the result I want.

DOF on the ground glass is a different animal, because you can alter 
the plane of focus, and because the ground glass can be closely 
checked with a loupe.

More importantly, It's pretty easy to learn and know the DOF 
characteristics of your lenses.


  >> Folks, when Jim Brick speaks or writes anything about photography, I pay
>> attention.  There are some things I do that Jim wouldn't, and there are some
>> things Jim does that I ought to improve my technique.  What I won't do is
>> argue with him.  He knows his stuff.
>I have no doubt the man knows that he's talking about.
>I just don't like it when he tells me I'm a clueless dillatante 
>point and shoot
>weenie because I don't hit the DOF preview from my tripod for every shot I
>take, or that I don't find the dark screen all that enlightening.
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Thomas Kachadurian

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