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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Leica Millennium vs LHSA Black Paint
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 15:16:34 EDT


Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 07:53:50 -0400

From: Dan Cardish <>

Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Leica Millennium vs LHSA Black Paint

Message-ID: <>


You mean to tell me that people now are paying $10K + original price for

the Jaguar XK M6?    Why?   For the person who spends $10K+ for the camera,

do you actually expect him/her to make much (any) of a profit?

And did you have to buy a Jaguar XK to be able to get that camera in the

first place?  How much did the car cost?  I didn't have to buy any car when

I bought the stock. Also, I picked that stick example as the initial price

I paid was roughly that of a "Liberace" special camera, and the gain

(roughly 200% pa) took place in only a few months.  It isn't my only position.

Dan C.>>


Yes, the original owners did buy the car...but I didn't for the one I 
purchased (which came from a dealer who purchased it from the person who had 
the car) ...and yes I made over $5k in about 2 weeks. I do not know how much 
the other two owners of the camera made on it as I am not aware of the 
original price for this camera.

I do believe that the party who purchased the camera will make as much, if 
not more, when they sell this camera. 

Of course, these are not "typical" Leica cameras. Typical Leica cameras seem 
to keep pace with inflation, but not much else...perhaps a lot like typical 
stocks. (2/3 of the stock market keeps pace or falls short of inflation I 
read in the Wall Street Journal about two weeks ago.)

Some Leica's, say the Leica Luxus, have sold for over $100k at auction now 
and I recall reading a story of how Tamarkin bought his for $5k just maybe 10 
years ago. (and that wasn't cheap according to him at that time.)

BTW, I have never heard of anyone losing their shirts on a rare Leica (even 
in a bad time rare cameras don't really lose value in my experience)...but I 
have heard (and felt) the pain of a stock market "crash" from time to time. 
No one I have ever met had all stock market winners in their 
portfolio...well, except maybe last year!<g>

There is no doubt that the stock market, along with NYC real estate, can be 
among the best investments out there...but some Leica's are not bad either. 
Both are somewhat unpredictable, require due diligence in purchase and sale 
and go through cycles where values increase or decrease. I would not put all 
my money in any one venue no matter how high the past returns have been...