Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/08/22

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Subject: [Leica] millennium vs. black paint
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 00:29:55 EDT


I would appreciate any comments  / comparisons between the Leica M6

Millennium Black Paint TTL vs. the LHSA Black Paint M6 TTL.

I undersatnd the the Millenium issue is sold out or the asking price is in

the $4,500 range while the LHSA version is still available ( November) at a

more reasonable $2,595.

Production of both models is suppose to be 2,000 ???

Anyone know the seriel # series for the LHSA models?

Differences - ?? Which is better? More collectible?

Thanks for you assistance.

Dave Mishalof

Huntington Beach, CA>>

There are few cosmetic differences (engravings) between the LHSA and 
Millennium models as well as the rewind knob issue...however I doubt that 
many of the LHSA bodies will be available at the "subscription" price as most 
dealers have already pre-sold their entire orders for November. I have also 
heard that November isn't likely...more like Jan 1st '01.

I have been finding that many on the world market (Japan and Europe 
especially) didn't get the word about this camera until it was too late. 
Because of this, even with the many extras I ordered, I am certain to have 
fewer than I need. I think there is even more interest for this camera right 
now than for the Millennium if one counts the number of "inquiries." 

I think most dealers, especially those with big Shutterbug ads, will 
certainly find themselves in the same position. 

The Millennium cameras are in fact selling in the $4500-$5000 range when you 
can find one for sale. Even dealers have a hard time getting any and Leica 
USA is already done with their alotment.

I have also heard that any with the first 250 serial numbers are already 
selling at a even higher premium (up to $6k so far) as early classic cameras 
do. It is certainly the more "collectible" one even though it seems it may be 
that a larger number have been made. In addition to the 2000 units, there are 
also 150 Millennium cameras engraved ICS in Japan that seem to sell for about 
$9000 usd! 

I would NOT be surprised to see a .85 version of the Millennium some time in 
the future. 

I also predict (with no input from Leica, and no, not at this Photokina) that 
a black paint camera will become a regular order item sometime in the future. 
It just makes way to much sense.

If you are a shooter and want black paint, you probably are better off with 
the LHSA model as it will probably still be less $$$ than a Millennium 
edition and it has the normal M6 rewind knob. If you are a collector...than 
the Millennium is probably more desirable and certainly more unique with the 
M6 TTL body and the M3 rewind knob.