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Subject: [Leica] questions from a Leica newbie (seriously long)
From: "Kam" <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 12:19:42 +0800

Hi Brian,

~~~ Brian wrote: "... In Hong Kong I'm a bit worried because I have no
Chinese language ability.
How difficult is it to get by just using English? Will I be able to buy
camera stuff and/or electronic gear for a good price without getting ripped
off (how are prices for Leica stuff, by the way?)? Any suggestions on what
to do in Hong Kong while I'm there (I have only four days)?" ~~~

I won't say you will be at home with English only but You should be fine in
most places.  Be sure to visit Chi Lin Nunnery (underground station: Diamond
Hill).  It was opened not long ago and may not be covered by any tourist
books.  It is the largest all wooden structure ever built on earth in the
past 300 years.  If you are interested in Aisan culture, architecture or
Buddhism, it's a must go (check the opening hours before you go, some "inner
temples" are not open all day).  I noticed that Mike Quinn recommended the
monastery in Lantau (Po Lin Monastery).  I second his recommendation.  Had I
received your mail a week ago I would have strongly advised you to visit
also the "floating hutters" in Tai O, near the monastery.  The place is
really unique but was ruined by fire a week ago.  If you are interested in
the history of Hong Kong you may like to visit the Hong Kong Meseum of
History.  It may sound boring but the feedbacks from my overseas friends are
overwhelmingly positive.  For some cultural programmes, consult the
following page:

Get on a No.6 bus in Central for a joyful ride.  Not only will the bus take
you to the Stanley market and the beautiful beaches in the southern side of
Hong Kong Island, the driver will sometimes bring you a roller coaster ride
along the hilly roads for about US$1.  Relax yourself at Repulse Bay Hotel
after visiting the always crowded Stanley market.

Some people may recommend the floating restaurant in Aberdeen.  Tom Cruise
went there for "Peking duck" when he visited Hong Kong last month (that
place is not famous for peking duck, he must have got some bad advice).
Personally I consider it an outdated tourist gimmick.  For the price you
pay, you can get much better food at some other places.  Tell me what your
favourite cuisine is and I'll give you some more advice on food.  For
afternoon tea, go to the Penninsula Hotel and watch the Japanese shoppers
scrambling for LV, Chanel, Hermes ... Seems that the Japanese are making
good use of the strong yen.

For Leica (and other brand) stuff, Tin Cheung Camera in Tsui Sha Tsui (100
Nathan Road) is a good place to go.  Tin Cheung has been referred to many
times in and been highly acclaimed.   I guess Dr. Yao will
recommend Cameron Camera (near Hyatt Regency Hotel, also in Tsim Sha Tsui
area).  Met Dr. Yao there once to receive a Cosina 25mm.  I have never
brought anything from Cameron but guess that it can't be bad if it's one of
Dr. Yao's favourites.  It is a fact of life that some shop keepers are less
honest than others.  but common sense should serve you well in shopping.

I don't know when you'll be visiting Hong Kong.  Check the homepage of the
Tourist Association for upcoming festivals events, (the
Tourist Association's website contains a lot of useful information for
visitors).  Birds lovers will be surprised to find that here we have one of
the largest wet land for birds in Asia (the Mei Po Wet land).  Visits are
restricted are must be pre-arranged.  Ask the Tourist Asso. for the
necessary arrangement.

Hope this mail will serve as a kind of inside guide.

Hong Kong