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Subject: [Leica] Leicaflex SL Info
From: Evan J Dong <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 12:27:25 -0400

After reading all the fantastic rave on the Leicaflex SL and also my own
experience of using one, I decide to embark on the search for an SL. 
I located one and plan to take the plunge and buy into a Leicaflex SL
system.  I am looking at a chrome SL body with 3 lenses.

The lenses are : 	1. 35mm F2.8	serial no# 220XXXX   Series 6 filters
		2. 50mmF2.0	serial no# 224XXXX   Series 6 filters
		3.90mmF2.8	serial no# 217XXXX   Series 7 filters

There are no front lens cap nor filters for any of the lenses. Just 2
rear lens cap and al three lenses have the detachable lens hood. 

I will have a 14 day inspection period to check the camera and the lenses
out.  What should I be looking for in regards to possible problems and 
whom should I have inspect  and do any repairs if necessary, on the

I was told that there is a slight tinge of dirt in the viewfinder. I
would assume that the glass prism would require either re silvering or re
cementing of the glass.
What would the equivalent step-up filter size for the Series 6 and Series
7 filters? 

I would like to take the time to personally thank everyone here on the
LUG, for sharing their vast knowledge of the Leica system.

Evan Dong

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