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Subject: Re: [Leica] noctilux vs. the cheap alternative
From: Rick Dykstra <>
Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 18:51:18 +1000
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Ted Grant wrote:
> Simon Lamb wrote:
> >>>>>>Is the Noctilux a viable alternative to the 50mm f/2 or would it
> be wise to
> > keep the f/2 when purchasing a Nocti?<<<<<<
> Hi Simon,
> I don't know if the Noctilux is a viable alternative from a technical
> point, others more knowledgeable could answer that one.  It depends if
> you are prepared to shoot a considerable number of frames at f 1.0 or
> slightly smaller aperture.  Although we who own a Noctilux and I'm
> assuming the others are similar in it's use as myself,  we don't shoot
> as many images at f 1.0 as some folks may think.
> However. what we do is, have an f 1.0 tool at our disposal when it's
> required that other lenses don't and that's what makes the difference
> and why we have them.
> Would I keep the 50 mm f 2.0 if I were to buy a Noctilux?  I can't think
> of any reason why I would.  I'd use it as part payment for the Noctilux.
> ted

Hi Simon,

I actually did things the wrong way around.  I bought the Noctilux
first.  Later I bought the 50 Summicron as a light weight alternative
and for its fantastic performance.  Seen the photodo ratings?  They sure
got my attention.

Now that I can choose which one to use, 90-95% of the time its the f2
lens.  Its so easy to use and so portable.  Nevertheless, the Noctilux
makes images I cannot get with the Summicron, with lovely rich 100 speed
colour film.

A real advantage of the f1 lens is that its mass, being close to the
camera body, makes for a very steady hand-held unit.  So, not only do
you have higher shutter speeds in reserve, it also seems to shake less
in the hands.

I see it as a lens for specialised applications, rather than general
purpose, go anywhere lens like the 50 'cron.


Rick Dykstra

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