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Subject: RE: [Leica] Scanning & editing in Linux
From: Greg Locke <>
Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 11:44:23 -02-30
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At 02:29 PM 20/05/00 +0200, you wrote:
>Hello Greg,
>GIMP that you'll find everywhere does more or less what Photoshop does (though
>much slower). That said, if NT hangs on your machine, Linux will hang too.
>Either you have a hardware problem or buggy driver(s). Linux is a fine OS 
>but it
>does not do miracles, you know.

I certainly agree, Jean-Claude.  NT4 is much more stable then WIN9x.... 
BUT, it is also a much more complicated piece of software. Ideal for 
servers but a pain in the backside for those wishing to use it as a 9x 
alternative or to run some consumer applications.

The Gimp does not have the same broad level of scanner support as Photoshop 

Setting up Linux is not for beginners unless you are technically 
proficient... but running it is a breeze. I've seen it run on 386's, 
486DX2, later Intel and AMD chips and even MAC boxes.
Linux requires MUCH less computer resources to run the NT4.0

The minimum requirements examples I gave were for specialized operations 
where you have a Linux box running Linux, VMWare, Win/NT AND Photoshop 
5  at the same time.

Shall we talk about price? Linux is FREE.  If you really must spend money 
you can buy a CD, manual and tech support for about US$50.00.

What's the going price for Windows NT?  ...I stopped looking years ago.
For me to run NT in my office as a network server and desktop environment 
would cost me over $4000.00.

In professional use (as opposed to hobbyists) choosing a computer OS is 
like choosing a camera or motor car.... Does the functionality of the 
product meet the productivity needs of the business or client?  All have 
their pro's and con's. The answer to solving your problems is to weigh 
those pro's and con's against your own needs.  If NT doesn't cut it then 
you have to find something else that will.

Windows 9x/NT (or MAC) can no longer meet the needs of my business.

For my business, it's no longer technically or financially viable to run 
any Windows OS as my primary operating system.

Greg Locke                         St. John's, Newfoundland    
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