Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/04/08

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Subject: RE: [Leica] Analog vs. digital - off LUG, apology
From: Henry Ambrose <>
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2000 23:28:40 +0100

My statement:
>> A 4 inch X 5 inch image will require
>> 4X300=1200 pixels by 5X300=1500 pixels. Measured in pixels you'll want a
>> 1200X1500 pixel image. For black & white you'll need 1,800,000 pixels or
>> as commonly expressed, 1.8 mb.

Austin Franklin responded:
>Black and white has gray scale, and you still need some number of bits per 
>pixel (if you are talking about pixels), unless you want a monotone image.
>[correction] I stated this slightly wrong...what was meant was number of 
>pixels does not mean the same as number of M bytes, unless you are talking 
>about 8 bit pixels.  For B&W, that would be 256 gray tones...if that is 
>sufficient for you, then, yes, a 1.8M pixel would be 1.8M bytes...  If you 
>wanted 12 bits/pixel then it would 2.7M bytes, and give you 4096 gray 

256 gray tones is sufficient for nearly eveything you've ever seen 
printed lately in black & white halftone - because that's how it was 
made. The image might have existed as 12 or 16 bits at some point but 
when it went to the imagesetter it was 8 bit.

Austin, you like to argue too much for me.  I think you have trolled me 
My point was to illuminate the "digital and film" threads that pop up 
from time to time.
What I said was and is correct. I do not appreciate your nitpicking. 
Especially since there are no nits to pick! 

Next time ADD something to the thread. Don't just mire everyone down.

Since you are so wrong spirited I can go a bit more.
If you MUST continue please take it off the LUG. We are way off topic.

I apologize to the LUG for straying from our topic. 

Henry Ambrose