Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/04/07

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Cosina 15 and 25 lens quality
From: (Dominique PELLISSIER)
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 09:20:35 +0200 (MET DST)

>Dominique  wrote:
>I've not tried Cosina lenses. The MTF-tests for the 15 and for the 25
>show that these lenses have a poor quality.  My opinion is that we buy
>at first a Leica lens (for its quality) and, after, the "rear cap" for
>it (i.e. a leica body or a hexar rf).  The contrary seems to me
>irrational. A cosina lens on a Leica body is as a pimple on the left
>buttock of a beautiful girl...
>You write that the finders are better than Leica's. Maybe. But i read that
>they are not precise.>>>>>>>
>Dominique mon ami,
><<<MTF-tests for the 15 and for the 25 show that these lenses have a
>poor quality.  >>>>>>>>>
>This is typical of the the bloody test bench crap put out by people who
>are only concerned with numbers rather than the visual appearance and
>the facts of using the lens in real life picture taking!
>I'm referring to the 15mm.  I did a personal test not long after I
>acquired one and shot a bunch of film with the 15mm,   made prints and
>was completely blown away with the quality the lens cut in film.
>Dropped a bunch of Leica lens and 15mm created prints on the table and
>asked a friend, accustomed to using a Leica.,   ..."OK which are the
>Leica prints?"  he blew nearly every one he picked up! 
>Look, this Voigtlander 15mm lens is dynamite, regardless what the
>numbers people say.  I see absolutely no reason not to buy it and put it
>on an M6 or whatever it will fit for the price of somewhere in  the
>range of $500.00 US which includes the viewfinder.
>The Viewfinder!  Now there's a viewfinder and half and your comment of: 
>">>>> You write that the finders are better than Leica's. Maybe. But i
>read that  they are not precise.>>>>>>>>>>
>Hell Dominique I haven't used a viewfinder that is absolutely precise in
>my photographic life  and most of those have been Leica.  The reason is,
>they are only a "clip on viewfinder image" and there isn't any precise
>to them.   Sure they are close, but who the hell uses one to the extent
>that they expect...."Precise?"  No such thing with a clip on viewfinder.
>Nope old buddy,  you been reading too much from the numbers people and
>not enough shooting time. I realize you do not have the lens, but if you
>have the opportunity to acquire not hesitate!     You'll
>not regret it. 
>As I've said before, Leica is missing and missed a great opportunity for
>lens sales if they had of got their ass in gear and cranked out a
>competing 15mm under the Leica name, obviously at the same price,  even
>using an adapter for them to fit M cameras.
>Just think about how many 15mm have been sold within the LUG family in
>the past 5-6 months, amazing and that doesn't count the many others sold
>out of leica wedlock.
>In any event Dominique trust me mon ami,   and the bunch of LUG 15mm
>owners, this is a great lens and far better than the numbers guys are
>giving it credit.  One of the best lens buys of the year!
Thanks, Ted, for your warm post.

For the Cosina 15, I admit i've gone a little bit too far.
It's not a "poor" lens but, at f/8, a "good "lens (according to the tests.
Yes, that's theory...).

. Not easy to find a Cosina lens in France! Maybe at the "Maison du Leica".