Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/03/13

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Subject: [Leica] WAS: audio/computer/etc now BULLS....!
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 19:25:26 -0800

Tom Schofield wrote:
> A Sharpie?  On a Summilux?  One purchases a black lacquer stick from Fargo
> Enterprises and does it the right way!  (Plus, its reversible with a white
> lacquer stick.)>>>>>>>

Hi guys,

This isn't in direct response to Tom's post, but his was about the
Sharpie pen that caught my eye and unfortunately I opened it instead od
deleting which i turn sent me of to reading a bunch of other stuff!  

I can't believe all this crap about audio junk this past 3 days since I
re-subscribed. What the hell is this stuff about cables, pulling your
wire and squeeky squawker audio stuff on a a camera list?  Hell I know I
 lead the rat pack scotch folks, but that's at least useful when working
a Leica at times or after using a Leica during a damn stressfull assignment.

Another question?  What the hell do you do with a Sharpie blanking out
the white serial numbers on a lens?  Don't you guys have anything better
to do with your time and equipment than playing " number black out on
lenses?"  I always thought the idea was to screw the lens on a body
loaded with film and aim the lens at a subject and expose the film. 
Isn't that the plan or have I missed something with this new wave of
diatribe that has absolutely nothing to do with a Leica camera.

Now don't all start yapping at me that I could use my delete key,   hell
that's about all I've done for three days with 99% of what's coming
across the screen,  Some excellent EXTOL information and a few other
solid comments, but don't any of you guys take pictures between playing
with your  wire?