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Subject: Re: [Leica]He should have bought a Leica....
From: Harrison McClary <>
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 17:26:39 -0500


I think the original poster was commenting more on someone using a modern 
camera with many auto options trying to pass himself as a professional 
button pusher. He apparently had no idea of color balance, correct 
exposure, proper lighting, how to expose film, and the other myriad 
things that must be considered when producing photography for a living.

Admittedly there are many poor photographers out there who pass 
themselves off as a pro...that is why anyone hiring a photographer should 
look at his/her book as ask one very important old are 
these photos.  If a photographer is showing you 20 great images shot over 
a period of 20 years, then I personally would wonder how good his daily 
work is...any mediocre photographer can amass 20 great images in 20 
years, to do so in one to two years is more to the point of his current 
abilities.  Also references should be checked..just as in any business 
transaction.  But some people do not understand that there are good and 
bad photographers...the attitude among many is "I've got a camera like 
that one (they have an eos rebel with the plastic lens) and I can take 
pictures just like yours"...They don't understand one simple 
aint the camera it's the eye.

On 7/24/99 9:34 AM A.H.SCHMIDT wrote:

>Don't knock the customers with their fully automatic cameras so much. The
>probability, that someone in the same shop would have sold them this 
>camera, is
>on the cards.

Best regards,
Harrison McClary
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