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Subject: Re: [Leica] Again, Prad RT?
From: Lucian Chis <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 09:58:43 -0700 (PDT)

I have seen at my local dealer the Kodak version of these, the Ektapro
90xx. they had to discount it to $750 and sell it as is after the buyer
had returned it 3 times with all sorts of serious logic problems.
the worst of it is that even Kodak in US couldn't figure things out and
the y have kept the thing for a month at a time!
Anyway, it is well made optically, has a ton of options, bells and
whistles, is not compatible with anything you might have for US Kodak
(dissolves and the likes) at least not easy! It weighs about half a ton.
Why don't you go see if any of the Ektapros are available at your dealer
and see for yourself?
Incidentally, the Leica uses the Kodak S-AV mount (european Kodak) lenses,
whereas the Ektapro comes standard with rack focusing lens mount; I
forgot to ask if they have the adaptor for S-AV in the box when you get
them, but it is available.

Judging that it has the same system as the Ektagraphics, which is based on
teh infinity light point source (a long distance from the lamp to the
slide stage, and the reflector takes care of the rest), the RT's should
not require different condensors, but I have some questions with their
light uniformity on the screen for different lenses.
I would stay with an Ektagraphic if I needed the portability of carousels,
for now. The bells and whistles on these, second lamp automated switch on
and the likes come too dear!
Go buy yourself a Leica lens to Kodak mount adaptor and forget about all
these! Unless of course you need zero return, empty compartment skip and
the likes!

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On Sat, 10 Jul 1999, Roger Beamon wrote:

> Asked about the new RT a couple of months ago, with little 
> response. Too new, perhaps, so lemme try again:
> Though I'd love to take advantage of the 2002 deals going 
> around; it would suit my personal projection needs fine, I almost 
> have to go the US Carousel route. The storage efficiency of the 
> Euro type cassettes would be preferable, as storage space in this 
> new house was not as well thought out as the rest of it. Alas, all 
> the foregoing considered, and due to my need to swap trays with 
> others for both club and corporate projection, I'm really wed to 
> the big circles!
> Has anyone any time with the RT yet? My understanding is that 
> Leica had an embarassing time with it during their RT roll out. Is it 
> achieving a reliable reputation, so far, or are the numbers not yet 
> in? 
> The price is a put off, but then, a high end Kodak with a good 
> Schneider of whatever lens wont come cheaply either. 
> Comments?
> --
> Roger
>     Nothing worse could happen to one than to be completely understood.
>                 -- Carl Jung