Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/07/07

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Peru & Lori Berenson
From: Austin Burbridge <>
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 12:44:19 -0700

Harold, that's what I complained of -- one cannot find out *anything* 
meaningful about Lori Berenson from In fact, the site 
gives a more space to what the Peruvian Government says about who she 
is and what she has done, than about what she (or indeed her friends) 
say about her work, her actions or her aspirations.

It's baffling -- somebody somewhere wants to help this person, but 
hasn't the wit or courage to actually say who she is, why she's worth 
helping. Since it does say that she's a "journalist", wouldn't it be 
useful to know something about what's she's written, and where it has 
been published?  This omission is a disservice to visitors to the 

Maybe she's someone I'd like to help -- but I'd like to know whom I'm 
helping, and for what good reason. Maybe she's on the side of the 
angels -- isn't that worth telling the world about? Maybe she is to 
Peru what Nelson Mandela was to South Africa, why not say a few words 
to that effect? Instead, whoever put together the website has elected 
to be silent about the life and work of Ms Berenson. A pity!

With friends like that -- who needs enemies!

A U S T I N .

P.S. I didn't at all mind "quem" posting the issue to LUG -- it was, 
after all, framed in the context of a request for "media-savvy" types 
to offer suggestions, which I have done -- LUG members are an 
interesting bunch, and the tangents keep the list spicy, in my 

>While I know nothing about the individual, Lori Berenson, I think it is
>strange how people jump to all sorts of conclusions based on `name-tags'
>given people by other people. As a South African, I am painfully aware that
>Nelson Mandela and many members of our present government were imprisoned
>for many years as terrorists. Even many members of the media were harassed
>and imprisoned here and labelled as terrorists for showing the truth.
>Meanwhile the most despicable acts of terror were conducted by the apartheid
>regime which was for many years covertly befriended by many western nations
>such as the USA and UK.
>Let us not jump to hasty hasty conclusions in either direction when viewing
>Lori Berenson unless we have enough multi-sided information to decide her
>case for ourselves, and let us not relegate each other to the trash bin over
>our differences.
>Best wishes