Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/06/20

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Subject: Re: [Leica] More horse-manure 2
From: "TSL" <>
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 18:05:04 -0400

SNIP<<This List is not a democracy, but is turf which I control, and
I am attempting to do so, as the Good Lord directs, for the benefit of us
all.  I am human, and capable of error.  I will listen to
If any of you want to take over the Rollei List, let's
talk.  But, I expect that you will be :

a)  conversant in German
b)  familiar with all volumes of Prochnow's (German-language) Rollei

SNIP<<And today, Marc scolded a member of his Rollei list thusly,

>> Uh, friend:  you are here as my guest.  Understand this, and I am mighty
>> tolerant for the lot of you, but, pray, do not be stupid enough to post a
>> note like this to the List.>>
- --------------------------------------------------------
I have not the slightest idea what this is all about, and it is, as will
certainly be asserted, none of my business.  I'm not on the Rollei List, and
it may be very certain that the list owner has good intentions and that this
is some sort of contortion.  There is no intention on my part to intercede
on a reciprocity as such.  However who is it that is making this 'public'?
In any case, just a few snips shows fractious and antipathetic reproach.
The choice of words are not simply 'undemocratic'.  It serves as a fine
catalyst for further rank and sort.  A great reminder, and  very good for