Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/04/25

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Subject: [Leica] Re: About Skill, Wides and Visoflex (was: 21/24mm)
From: "mirakia" <>
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 10:38:53 +0300

> But I believe that M-wides are seeable good, lines even on corner
> straight plus extremely sharpness.

Yes, they are good. But that kind of distortion has nothing to do with the 
definition of super-wide. Superwide means how wide an angle it has. Not 
"lens with lots of distortion." Every wide angle has perspective 
distortion. That is, put someone's head in the corner and it will stretch 
to egg-like proportions or worse. Nothing to do with optical correction. 
If  you were to put your own eye into a similar perspective, you'd see 
egg-shaped heads too. Because the front of the head is closer than the back 
and that distorts your view of it.
Eric Welc

Yes, thank you for a notice.. I also take back little that Canon/Nikon
separation: " You can see remarkable different in Canon FD and Nikkor AI
wides distortions. Nikkor lines are more straight and Canon have little more
sharpness."  I don't have a manner to research lenses with extreme
attention. Easily one take already made opinion to own, if it is pleasant. I
am old Nikkor shooter and while I once shoot with Canon FD, my prejudice
turn stronger. Prejudice, or old common rumour, that Canon is stronger in
tele and Nikon has better wide-side. What I think when I speak about
super-wide/wide border, was some suppose another kind of distortions, in
fack, barrel-distortion influens to picture. But as said, I never test my
24/2FD by shooting test table - it only feel more winklewonkle than 24/2AIS.

But the terms and my english skill (and finally: interest) are unrich for
that. I am more photographer and artist with trust my own eyes. And I like
pictures with soft parts on it and always place picture before camera. And I
love some old, even before coated, lenses beautiful drawing..

I think that you bring matter with right words to everybody read.
mirakia shoot god!